Who We Are?


The global crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic has produced completely new circumstances in business and economic terms, on a global scale. It is important to understand that we have a time ahead of us when we will have to take care of our lifestyle and behavior, at work, in the factory, in the office, in a restaurant, in a hotel, at a border crossing, at a bank counter, in a supermarket, at an airport, in on the plane, but also in any other place where we meet people or are in contact with objects or things where the corona virus may be located. Personal hygiene has always been our obligation in terms of protecting our health, but also protecting others. The appearance of the COVID-19 virus and the fact that medicine still does not have the right cure, creates additional obligations for us to reduce the risk of infection with our lifestyle and regular hygiene and protect ourselves and others.

As a company that exists and operates successfully for more than twenty years, mainly in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also as a company that has managed to establish business contacts with a number of reliable companies around the world, we are determined to focus our overall business experience and the marketing of quality and licensed products that are necessary at this time to fight the coronavirus. In this way, the team of DAK doo gives its contribution to a better and healthier life, but we are also determined by doing these jobs to once again express our social responsibility and in the best way to help the community in which we live and work. We have provided a set of necessary products and preparations for the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with which we will provide better health protection to the population, all at very reasonable prices. With a number of our products, together with our foreign partners in this project, we are focused on the market of the European Union, but also on other markets. We are determined to provide the highest quality with all our products under the best conditions. When it comes to health, it is important to choose the right partner,

The DAK Global Care team is at your disposal!

mission and vision

The mission and basic function of the DAK Global Care project is to raise the quality of the market and the total offer of disinfectants and other preparations and means and products necessary for the successful protection of the health of the population through our own distribution of products from our sales program. The goal of the DAK Global Care team is for our professional and motivated workers to provide the best service and to make these protective products available to all citizens and institutions with guaranteed quality of offer and products. Through the establishment of a market and technological bridge between technologically developed regions and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the EU area, the Global Care project will ensure the improvement of the overall system of health protection of the population.