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About Us

Slatki San is a brand with a fifteen-year tradition that was created and is being developed in East Sarajevo as a production of confectionery products and jelly. We started our long and successful journey with a lot of love for this business, which has been following us for years. Besides highest quality ingredients and modern technology, our success is made of will. Our recipes are made of the great desire to make the most delicious homemade cookies you’ve ever ate. And thanks to you and the trust you give us, our brand grows year after year. In addition to the love and attention, we put a lot of effort and work into our products, so our results are not missing.

Our special taste was recognized not only by domestic retail chains, but also by those from the Croatian market, so Kaufland is also included in our references, which testifies our quality. Our associates recognized our products as excellent for the European market, so we hope and strive to continue expanding our network of satisfied customers. The brand 'Naša tajna' carries our recognizable taste on the Croatian ground, but the appearance of the packaging is completely different.

Over the years we have struggled to make competitive product, using the best quality ingredients, and thanks to our love and persistence, we’ve made it. We would like to emphasize that our production of tea cookies, jelly and cocoa tablet is made of plant-based ingredients, which makes our products vegan.


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Production Dak d.o.o.
Lukavica, East Sarajevo 
Bosnia & Herzegovina


Phone: +387 57 320 220